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Any good leader must have the “Take & Give” technique as a leader to others…..

but what is this technique anyway……..

The “Take” part;
A smart leader would use all his followers abilities but taking from them…..taking ideas and consultation from the followers would do good for both; the followers would feel that they are trust worthy & have the ability to say there opinion to help the leader….and on the other hand, the leader would show respect to his followers and also take new ideas which can be applied as they are or they can be sharpen to produce new integrated idea…..

The “Give” part;
In this part the leader must give his followers the guidance which they need & give them that respect they deserve….

* Take it as this……if you are a leader, you must give your followers that respect shots every once and a while so they would feel that they are existed and have a role as a follower……

As a leader…..
1) Study your followers to know their talents & abilities so you can use them really well which reduces the consumed time by giving the tasks to the right people…
2) Give your followers the respect shots they need to feel alive and productive in the group.
3) Try to combine and integrate the ideas of your followers the thing which would enhance the team work feeling – if they worked together in harmony, they would produce more and more-.

As a follower….
1) Think well and participate when you feel that to…
2) Help your team mates to produce productive ideas to help the leader with his work.
3) Don’t hesitate saying your opinion to the leader and to the other followers.
4) Trust your self and abilities.


These are the major qualities of a good leader:

1)    Emotionally Mature…
do you know the meaning of this term? Let me tell you.
Emotionally Mature means that you don’t distinguish people by religion, skin color, beauty, physical appearance.

•    Let me give you an example….Some people like others just because they are white or black.
So, what if am blue or green? Is that mean am going to be an outcast.
•    Ok … take a look on the religion thing; if some is Buddhist, it means I don’t want to deal with him and his ritual would be something annoying to others….WHY..
Everyone is free which his own believes…. So being Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist or even Atheist doesn’t mean that this person is not a good person or he is or isn’t suitable for the job for example…..
•    What about BEAUTY? Do you know that there is a certain type of managers employ just beautiful modern women and if the woman was a regular woman -who doesn’t wear tons of makeup everyday and doesn’t wear PRADA or fancy perfumes- the manager would not give her the job……WHY…. Do I have to wear a fancy dress every time I go to my work…….. That’s impossible.
Because of that a leader must be Emotionally Mature and distinguish people for their skills and work and not for other physical or ritual aspects.

2)    Respect….
do you know that respect is very crucial in all our lives aspects….We as human beings like to be respected by others but in the same time you have to respect people….
•    Do you know the proverb “What goes around comes around” this proverb could be applied on everything such as; if you helped some stranger just for HELP not for anything else, this HELP would get back to you in another way or another time…
•    The same thing as respect; if you respected people – ALL PEOPLE- no matter what, it means that these people would respect you in return.

3)    Giving Help to others…
A good leader would help you and support you and even if you made a mistake he would guide you to tell you what went wrong and how could you fix this mistake, without being punished or punched.

4)     Smile…
A good leader would smile to you face and would make you happy and glad to talk to him.
Do you know that a simple smile every day would make a lot of people happy and their productivity is way better than glooming….

These four qualities are the most important in my point of view….tell me what do you think please…

Before I reveal the good and bad leader thing…..we have to know few facts and this post would tell about these facts………. enjoy…….

How could you define a good Leader?
Physically Strong….Mentally Strong….Deep Voice….Scary……his punch really hurt……

How can you tell that someone is a good leader???????????
OK…OK….let’s see……Just Check out the following situations and then you can figure it out.

You are at work, and your boss is doing his regular tour around the offices….we have 2 scenarios:

1)    If your boss is a good person.
* You would be happy for his tour and you would have prepared a full vocal report about what
you and your colleagues have done during the working day.

* You would smile to your boss’s face and talk to him gently.

* And you would be glad to talk to him.

* Eventually your boss would say “Good Job Everyone”. And you would have this wide smile over your face until the rest of the day.

Even your wife –in case you are married- or even your girl friend – in case you have one- ….and if you don’t have  both but you have a pet…trust me it would feel happy because you are smiling….

OK let’s see the second situation…

2)     Your boss is Godzilla.
* The whole floor would be running in the lobby back and forth to prepare themselves to the boss’s tour. Don’t forget that there is some people would work as spies just to watch the lobby when the bosses come….”Watch out everyone…..Godzilla is on his way to youuuuuuu………”

* The boss would appear with a grumpy face and a cocky walk…waiting for everyone to greet his majesty for his merciful tour.

* Imagine you self standing in front of him trying to tell him about the work… feel afraid, terrified of making one vocabulary mistake, shivering and sweating like you have committed a crime and someone found out………

* Don’t forget the eyebrow move….Ohhh God…. Your boss would lift his eyebrow to make you hate yourself and would tell you “Am I paying you money for this nasty thing you call work”.

You would hate yourself and hate the whole world….and you even would imagine yourself holding a gun and BANG BANG …2 bullets in his head and ……SCORE

Therefore, a good leader must possess certain qualities to be considered as a good leader

What is a leader? And how could you become a leader to yourself and to others?

mmmmm…… Am totally sure that you asked yourself these questions more than once but you could not find a clear answer….let me help you with that.

Leadership is a status which you can find in all living things’ lives. We as human like to lead and to be led by others, and other organisms do that too, animals and insects knew the meaning of leadership since the beginnings of life itself. Let’s take Ants as an example; Ants have a queen and the organized and harmonic work is a great proof that leadership for them is so natural. Bees are another example for leadership in the insects’ world. And according to animals; almost all animals live within groups and every group has a leader to guide the herd in all situations.

So, how about humans? Every human being is a leader to himself; when you decide what are you going to wear when you go to work, and that’s called “Making a Choice”,  to make a choice and to be responsible for that choice is considered leadership. And when you make your friends go to the movies instead to go dining out, that’s called “Guiding”, you have affected others to do something you want or they want subconsciously.

All the above mentions states are faces of leadership. So what is leadership? A lot of scientists defined leadership and if you Googled the word “Leadership” you might find a 10000 definition.

Leadership is a term to describe a state of guiding and supporting yourself and other to accomplish something which might be hard for others to do alone.

Hello World….
My name is Isra’a Sabha, am going to post articles and comments about several subjects such as:
1)    Education especially TESOL.
2)    Leadership Skills
3)    Presentation Skills.
And a lot more…………You can ask me or comment on any of my posts….
Thank You for Reading my Posts…..:)


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